Saturday, 16 November 2013

Autumn Owls

This weekend we decided to do some autumn owls. I was inspired by my friend's use of autumn leaves to create a hedgehog.

First of all I drew a circle on a piece of coloured felt using a cereal bowl as a template. I then added triangular ears. Cut out the shape and turn it over to hide any pen marks.

Secondly, cut the shapes to make the owl's features. Two small triangles for the ears. Two circles for the eyes. Two wings and a triangle to make the beak. Then stick them on. We used glitter glue.
Then, I added two black circles and shiny stars to make the eyes while DD1 aged 4 chose foam and sequin heart shapes to make her owls' eyes.

Then, we made a baby owl in the same way but use a cup as a template instead of a cereal bowl.

We then went to the park to play and collected lots of autumn leaves. We glued the owls and leaves to some black paper and here was the finished result.

Mummy and baby owl.

Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm not very good at crafts at all which is unfortunate as most children (aka my children) love to do art. At Halloween I decided 'jelly worms' would be really fun and easy to do. I was wrong. Very wrong. Here's a quick photo of my failed jelly worms attempt.
 In addition to this my pumpkins didn't turn up with my internet food shopping order and there were none left in the shops anywhere. I guess finding pumpkins in a shop on Halloween is like trying to buy a turkey on Christmas Eve. Impossible. Silly. Moving swifty on....