Saturday, 24 August 2013


This morning I discovered that rainbow coloured tutus and fairy wings were a good distraction for my 22 month old. I could leave her happily playing fairies with her older sister under the watchful eye of Daddy instead of having to depart to the usual banshee scream. She even asked for kisses and said goodbye to me. Success!

So, I head to the hair dresser with my blissfully happy expectations of shiny soft hair and return home calm and relaxed after an hour of pampering. Suddenly, my happy thoughts are shattered like a bauble on Christmas morning when I return to two make-up covered fairy princesses. It is all over their clothes. Eyeshadow is across their cheeks and one of the wings are torn. 'But Mummy,' pipes up my eldest, 'we just want to look like you.'

Hmmmm! I said we would visit a castle only if they were good. The trouble with doing this is that I really want to go. So, do I keep quiet in the hope that ruined fairy wings and dirty dresses are punishment enough or do I say no castle visit? Time for a cup of tea while I ponder which one to chose.

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